Francisca Anselm

The Singular Prize

Another war ravaged Canada after the first world war. William, having lost his wife to a cruel Army General during the first world war, fled to San Felipe, Mexico with his six daughters and a son to avoid more tragedies. In his fear, he thought, “this time maybe it's my daughters the soldiers would come after. I'd rather die than see that happen.” Having journeyed to a far away country, he didn't envisage that soldiers alone were not the only treats to his daughters. There are others; illegal drug dealers that might lure, mislead and maybe land them into prison.

These daughters on the other hand have their own ways… their circle, in which they come together, form parties to their advantage and maltreat others outside this party. All happening within their household. William's third daughter, Hannah fell into this estrangement. She was treated like a servant in her home. But this she took amicably after being told that there were rewards for services rendered unconditionally.

Along the line in her aforesaid labor, she met a stranger who later turned out to be the British Emperor's son, Prince Christopher. He fell head over heels for her and on started their love story.
350 printed pages
Original publication



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