Spiritual Selections, Albert Magnus
Albert Magnus

Spiritual Selections

303 printed pages
To begin to speak of the accomplishments of Albert the Great is a monumental feat, for he may be slotted into numerous categories. The works of Albert Magnus are a hand cramping 31 volumes. His life's work was to translate Latin and Arabian manuscripts and notes of the great philosopher Aristotle. What has been assembled here are his greatest works regarding Spirituality/ Mysticism. Albert has been responsible for many individuals, most notably, Thomas Aquinas.
To speak of Albert is to point out that Albert Magnus, also known as Albert the Great and “the teacher of everything there is to know” can be characterized as a “renaissance man” even before there was such a word. He was a grand thinker, prolific writer and distinguished philosopher during the period of the Middle Ages.
The church has thought of him so highly that they have bestowed upon the title of Doctor of the Church. St. Augustine, St. Ambrose and St. Jerome are but a few of the 33 individuals that garner this position.
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