Betsy Campbell,Cleo Simon,Nancy Humphrey

Mountains Along Our Path

Four friends got together in 1992 and took a trip to New England. They toured historic Boston and hiked through the beautiful mountains of New Hampshire. It was an invigorating and fun way to see the area and all agreed that they would like to do more hiking. All had the same adventurous spirit. Each year thereafter another trip was planned with mountain hiking at its core. It became a yearly event with the only unknown factor being where it would take place and who would be able to make it.Every year a new destination was chosen, and each trip consisted of at least four to five women. Those who could make it made their plans to meet in the designated place. We soon dubbed ourselves the Happy Hikers. Through the 27 years of hiking together, we added trail names, pink hats and matching colorful T-shirts. This became our hiking attire. No membership required here. We are just a group of friends who have a common appreciation for mountains vistas, a deep respect of nature, and relaxing camaraderie.We first began to write notes of our trips and then the idea was proposed of writing a book about our experiences. Each Happy Hiker contributed their memories for a few chapters and we compiled it in this book. With any luck, it just might inspire someone else to put on their hiking boots and make their own wonderful times out in the great outdoors. Hope to see you on the trail.

255 printed pages
Original publication



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