Charles Johnston

Perspective and Guidance for a Time of Deep Discord

Perspective and Guidance for a Time of Deep Discord confronts the very real dangers that come with today's extreme social and political polarization. And it examines what will be needed to effectively address what we see. From the book's back cover:

«Social and political polarization has become so extreme that conversation about the simplest of issues is today often close to impossible. And polarized thinking-from both the Right and the Left-is not just putting civil conversation in jeopardy, it is getting in the way of addressing essential questions that our future well-being will depend on.

«In Perspective and Guidance for a Time of Deep Discord, one of our times most innovative social thinkers argues that what we see is a product not just of what we think but how what we think. He describes what the greater maturity of understanding needed to get beyond warring ideological purities requires of us. And he looks closely at what such understanding looks like when applied to critical concerns where divisiveness too often prevails: war and peace, climate change, health care, immigration, abortion, bigotry, the relationship of science and faith, and conflicting views on the nature of progress.»

225 printed pages
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