Alana Church

Dragon's Untamed Tribute

Every year, a maiden is sacrificed to the mighty dragon Jarvallen. This year, Kinzi Hayfield's name was chosen. But what will she do when she finds that she is expected to be not a dragon's meal, but a dragon's lover? Kinzi is not a woman who bows her knee to anyone, man or beast. But when her land is invaded, she discovers that the changes in her life are only beginning!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

She took a step back, her lips curling into a smile. “If you want me, Lord Dragon, you must claim me.” She sank to the furs gracefully, curling her legs under her, then sprawled on her back, enjoying the way Jarvallen’s eyes watched her every move. “I hope you are skilled in the bedchamber.” She ran a hand down her side, then up the inside of her leg, teasing him with a view of her womanhood. Her lips were hot and slick, and her sheath pulsed with need. “Of course,” she went on, “with no other men to compete for your ladies’ attention, you may have let your abilities…falter.”

A tiny smile creased his lips, making her heart lurch in her chest. How had she ever thought him cold and uncaring? “You play with fire, little spark. Take care. You might burn yourself.”

Gracefully, he stood on one leg, then the other, pulling off his boots. Catching her eyes, he set his hands at the buttons of his trousers, his eyebrows lifting questioningly. Kinzi swallowed through a dry throat, but nodded. She could not bear to be naked while he was not. She wanted him, all of him, to be on the furs and pillows beside her.

The sound of his buttons being loosened was as loud as a thunderclap in the room. It suddenly dawned on Kinzi how quiet it was, here in Jarvallen’s home. There was no sound of wind, no animals, no murmur of conversation from outside her bedchamber. The only sound was her breath, coming in rapid pants, and the soft whisper of Jarvallen’s breeches being lowered to the floor.

Oh. My. Goddess!
65 printed pages
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