Catherine Peake

The Artist

Working from home. It's different when you're an artist.
David Condamine is a professional artist. So are his friends George and Em, which doesn't stop them from wanting to be across everything he's doing, and they all attend the opening of his new solo exhibition. David meets gallery assistant Felicity there and immediately decides he wants to get to know her. But Felicity, who is not an artist, is not so quick to decide whether she wants to get to know him. The others see that she might come to mean more to him than his usual new acquaintances, and wonder if they should be concerned. But as David gets to know Felicity, and George and Em follow their own interests, nothing else seems to be as usual either. Artists' model Mimi, the subject of one of David's major portraits, appears to be the only one who remains unfazed. Tensions begin to mount with another exhibition taking shape, this time in New York, and everyone moves their attention to outside the studio, which may or may not be as interesting, or as personal, as what's happening inside it.
296 printed pages
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