Ravi Gupta

Breathes There The Man

A plane crash finds Damo, an oilman, recuperating in a Lagos hospital while the state oil regulator goes missing. Damo’s hard-driving boss, Joanne, wheels and deals to get a prized oil block. While convalescing, Damo meets Adaeke, an intriguing American journalist, who is scarred by her past. Damo, a global migrant, is cut off from his roots in rural India where his father, a retired army officer, wages a battle against caste-politics and pays a heavy price. In the midst of searching for petroleum, will Damo succeed in making Adaeke reciprocate his feelings? Will the return to his native land shine some light on an acute problem that has created a vast underclass in India? Breathes There The Man is an engrossing tale that will take you from the murky waters of the Niger Delta to the cut-and-thrust of cosmopolitan London; and to the badlands of rural Bihar in India.
342 printed pages


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