McLaughlin Patricia

JuAnna and the Sad Little Bubble Fairy

JuAnna loves all the Bubble Fairies, so when she finds Lilli sad and tearful; she decides that she has to help her. None of the other Fairies know how to fix Lilli's problem but they all know how smart JuAnna is, and that she will help Lilli so that she can be happy again. JuAnna decides to show Lilli that it would be better if she could stop crying and begin to look about to try to find an answer to her problem.

Lilli does what JuAnna tells her to do and looks behind a rock and behind a tree, but still, she cannot locate what she needs to make her feel right. After she searches for a long time, Lilli decides that it is hopeless, and again begins to cry. However, JuAnna is indeed very smart and when she remembers the special penny in her pocket, she decides to share it with Lilli. She tells Lilli to use it and see if it will be the answer that she is looking for. To Lilli's surprise and delight this special penny does indeed work, and she is again able to fly to join her friends in play. Now, all the Bubble Fairies are happy and fly far above the earth in the sun where they shine.

Come along and help JuAnna and Lilli find that special missing treasure, and see how thankful Lilli is for having the love of a very good friend when she needed it the most.
19 printed pages
Original publication
Jenny Zhu



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