Carolyn Morton

Hearing Helen

When you discover that life is no longer just about you, you have to make choices. Sometimes, you need to put yourself first.

At other times you need to put yourself on hold, because you know someone else’s needs are more important right now.

Helen is desperate to escape from her run-down high school and to get into the Music Academy, but her piano teacher, Madame Pandora, will not hear of it. That’s not Helen’s only problem; life at home seems to revolve around her talented elder brother, her parents are too exhausted to notice her and the gorgeous Kean has eyes only for June, who is sickeningly perfect.

When Helen finally gets the chance to make her dreams come true, she realises that not all opportunities are meant to be taken.

Which opportunities should she grab, which should she leave and what will her decisions cost those for whom she cares the most?

An uplifting tale of courage, determination and friendship. Also available in Afrikaans: Om Helena te hoor
115 printed pages
Original publication


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