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How to Analyze Latent Criminals Dark Psychology

    Jelenahas quotedlast year
    Experts in mental health therefore see a correlation between children’s exposure to adversity and children growing up to become unemotional and callous adolescents
    Jelenahas quotedlast year
    These experts established that the children who as toddlers had received quality attention from their caregivers were able to express empathy as adolescents, unlike their counterparts who were neglected or had insensitive caregivers
    Jelenahas quotedlast year
    compared to children who grew up in normal homes, those in orphanages manifested serious callousness and traits devoid of emotions
    Jelenahas quotedlast year
    You may not hinder a manipulative person from saying demeaning things to you, but you can refuse to take their word seriously.

    You should be on the lookout for people who attempt to make you feel below par in your work performance, in beauty, or in any other way that would hurt or shame the average person.

    Any person who is genuine in trying to forge a friendship with you will not in any way utter something that makes you feel awful about yourself or that puts you down.

    Psychopaths use this strategy of making you feel inadequate or of little worth so that when they subsequently ask you to do something that favors them, you find yourself wishing to accomplish it in order to prove to them that you are not worthless after all.

    If it is something you are not comfortable doing, such a person is likely to put some pressure on you; sometimes stressing how cowardly you are if you do not do it. Learn to dismiss such negative sentiments.

    Anyone who puts you down or blackmails you does not have your welfare at heart and is out to manipulate and misuse you.
    Jelenahas quotedlast year
    During the testing period, manipulators assess how eager you are to please and how easily you succumb to shaming. Then they capitalize on these vulnerabilities
    Jelenahas quotedlast year
    Chris Watt is angry at his wife probably because like any other psychopath he blames his victim for his current situation; of the anxiety he is feeling as he goes through the questioning process. This can be seen by the way he sticks out his tongue, albeit slightly, when his wife is mentioned
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    hence that smile often described as being asymmetrical. The snarl is a show of contempt for the question and it happens in a spontaneous manner, and it does not correspond to the words he utters because those are calculated – “saying he wishes his wife and kids would come back immediately.”
    Jelenahas quotedlast year
    A contemptuous smile

    Psychopaths delight in showing contempt towards other people. They are spiteful and want to feel superior to others. Contrary to the old belief that psychopaths are incapable of emotions, an expert psychologist from the Netherlands, Carlo Garofalo, says it is the positive emotions that psychopaths do not elicit, but they are great at expressing negative emotions such as anger and aggression, which give them contemptuous gratification.
    Jelenahas quotedlast year
    Cracking a tiny smile

    When Watt is asked a question that does not threaten his cover as the unknown criminal, a tiny smile emerges from his mouth in a rather spontaneous manner. This is because he is excited about that particular question
    Jelenahas quotedlast year
    Swaying the body

    First of all, Brown observes that Chris Watt keeps swaying his body around as the interview continues. That is a way of the criminal’s body impulsively signalling he wants to leave the scene the soonest possible, because it is threatening his cover
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