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Misery loves company and the Magus is miserable.
His demise, compromises all those around him or attached to him. He drags them all down by his own death sentence. It’s his alone; yet, but by the sheer weight of his height held in the Order, all below will end beyond mend. His sentence fences in all who stray his way.
He makes you sign your soul away.
Back in the day, every member of that cult come Order is initiated in almost the same way. Upon completion of the initiation ceremony, the initiate is surprised by the sudden presentation of a black book: crooked like a nook on whoever partook.
The hook is something the Magus or the then Master of the Temple manipulatively manifests unbeknownst to the student upon entry. Writ like a permit, a wry way to comply within his watchful eye. The Master of the Temple upon completion, commits you to submit. It's done without the why within a ceremonial circle. The book is opened. The new initiate is sentenced to sign his or her soul to the script. Something surely not one of them would've done had they known beforehand this be the fee. So sneaky and snake like. Each initiate vetted in the most vulnerable venue. Each given their rue by a slew of Satanists. The devil’s due.
A gripping true story of how Justim aka Saytim finds a way in and out of a Satanic cult.
181 printed pages
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