Diane Roblin Lee

Predators Live Among us

Child molestation is epidemic in our society. We have to find new ways to protect our kids! In the time it took for Ward Cleaver and Fonzie to morph into Homer Simpson and his South Park neighbors, the fiber of humanity changed. Once-safe sidewalks, filled with active children, emptied into avenues where anxious parents now drive their children to school…GET ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS AND MORE! Out of personal heartbreak, award-winning author Diane Roblin-Lee shares her extensive research in the field of child sexual abuse. Having written and co-written over 20 books on a variety of subjects, her passion for the strengthening of families, pro¬tection of children, prevention of abuse and res¬toration for broken people, is presently focused through her work with Winning Kids Inc.® / Plan to Protect™ and the Heart to Heart Marriage and Family Institute™.
276 printed pages
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