Francisca Anselm

A living dog, A dead lion

Samantha, orphaned, had to live with her aunt (mother's sister) at age 11. At this tender age, she witnessed the abuse her aunt passed through at the hands of her husband who had affairs at the time. And with her aunt unseemingly unable to do much. As a result, she concluded to live her life as a spinster. Better alone than suffering all her life. Felicia, her aunt, soon got to find out her fears when she noticed her withdrawal from men and relationships in general. She sat her down and talked to her at great length, explaining to her that all men are not the same as Elvis, her husband. There are very good ones out there. But later when Samantha got married, she discovered that all was not glitters as she thought it would be, based on how her husband presented himself at first.

Eva and Iris are women too, who live in their own worlds. They're presented with issues that might be seen as related to that of Samantha (not completely). But all having different ways of handling their problems.
363 printed pages
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