GK Jurrens


A tenacious journalist turned amateur sleuth falls hard for a charming telepathic girl who lives in a tunnel. Along with a psychic ex-Jesuit priest and a gruff Chicago detective, this foursome seeks to uncover and solve a string of murders orchestrated to look like suicides or accidents. 

Zaya French and his new friends drive to reveal a conspiracy of planetary proportions as they drive to unravel this mystery. They will not be silenced. But will they survive? Will anyone?

Though set far into the future, you will find contemporary relevance at every turn.

This first book in the Mayhem paranormal science fiction trilogy comprises a tale of suspense and intrigue during the escalating insanity of the troubled United Westican Territories, aka Westica, circa 2150 AD. Underground explores an epochal period in human history and their environment.

During the course of three pivotal decades in the latter half of the twenty-second century, Westica evolved from Old America-from coast to coast, from tundra to cape. Her people struggle against apocalyptic odds to recover--survive--from centuries of bad decisions in this all-too-believable tale. Ultimately, this is a story of uplifting redemption. The indomitable human spirit prevails, but in unexpected dimensions.
181 printed pages
Original publication
UpLife Press



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