Rare Earth, Colin P Smith
Colin P Smith

Rare Earth

This is an expose’ of the global industry which kills animals for their horns, ivory and other body parts. It is a shocking revelation of mans greed, ignorance and callous disregard for defenseless animals and fellow human beings.
It explores the industrial scale of the trade in animal parts, from the top men down to the poachers on the ground. It reveals how the poached items are secretly moved from one country to another. It also discusses how ineffectual current methods are at preventing this vile trade and reveals novel ways by which mans revolting obsession for these materials could be stopped for ever, through the use of applied science and innovation.
Some readers may find parts of the book to be upsetting as it graphically illustrates the cruel methods used by poachers to harvest ivory. Sadly, the reality is far worse than described in these pages.
130 printed pages
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