M.R. Neer

Tales of Junah Cat

Junah Cat Find Purr-fection in the Forest
Junah Cat is challenged once again by the three sisters to find a secret — this time of the forest. “Mo” Mouse joins him to follow a trail of PURRs, or insights about nature, in the big dangerous forest. Friends who help them in their quest include Phillip Fox, Dean Deer, Mother Tree, Oliver Owl, and Bernie Bear. After facing predators, rain, and even fire, Junah realizes that the secret that is revealed is not only about the forest but about himself.

Follow the Path of Purrs
When he sees how blackberry bushes are nourished by a pool of water, Junah purrs “water the root to enjoy the fruit.” Or when he helps a squirrel and chipmunk gather acorns, he purrs “Do less and accomplish more by working together.” Follow the path of purrs to find the forest's secret!

Book 1 Received a Silver Medal 
for Children's Fables in the 
Readers' Favorite Award Contest

Five-Star Reviews for Book 1
"A charming children's fantasy story.”
“This book is a must-have in any children's library.”
“The illustrations are adorable and delightful.”
“Stories of wisdom, enlightenment, and wellness.”
“The concept is fresh and unique.”
“An excellent tool to teach young people.”
“Good for story-telling both at home and in the classroom.”
«Reminded of the young King Arthur's experiences
in T.H. White's The Once and Future King.”
109 printed pages
Original publication



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