I Am Edmund, Alexandra Glynn
Alexandra Glynn

I Am Edmund

Have you wondered about people in conservative religions who do not want to leave them? Do they struggle with life choices, children, marriage, careers, hobbies, and friends? Do they live and die like the rest of us? In the ways that matter, they do. This book follows one who might be our neighbor, our friend, our coworker. He has faith of the heart. He is a sinful person. He struggles with questions of the Bible, which for him has the answers to the questions about who we are, about how we ought to live in our families and with our neighbor. The subject of this study, Edmund, questions others and himself, and gets questioned. Through it all he lives in hope, and by the grace of God remains a part of the vine, cared for by the husbandman. Get to know him. The actions of his life are simple. By telling a little story about the life of one person in a sober religion, this book hopes to touch everyone with the comfort that we ourselves have been comforted with. For if we are out of our minds, it is for you. And if we are sober, it is also for you.
63 printed pages
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