Down The Hole Sally Six

Have Mercy

Mercy Dillon lives in a small town in northeast Missouri and has just heard that life as she knew it is about to end. A large meteor is headed smack dab for earth. In fact it was going to hit in North America up in Canada. The powers that be had paraded scientists all over the news saying because of this hit it would cause earthquakes and possibly volcanoes to go off all over the world.
They were sure the sun’s light would be blocked as long as the dirt was flying around in the atmosphere and also cause winter to envelope the world for who knows how long.
She had ran from the office and hopped on her Harley; headed home as fast as traffic would allow her. It didn't take but a few minutes and she could see the driveway to her apartment when she was surrounded by a myriad of other motorcycles. She looked over to see a large bearded man in a sidecar next to her smiling and getting ever closer; he seemed to be intent on grabbing her. But that couldn't be right, could it? They had her, now how to get back home.
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