Justin Stewart

The Spiritual Flu

The Spiritual Flu is the contagion of consciousness. It is a multi-dimensional plague, a virus that incubates and envelops our experience of life in veiled illusion.
Noah had long sought to break these shackles, to awaken and ascend back into the light of his true self. On his aspirational journey to the truth, he voyages through an exploration of the nature of reality searching to discover his infinite potential. 
As his experiences unfold culminating in divine synchronicity, he transcends the material world relinquishing the illusion of self, integrating into a higher state of awareness and dimension of consciousness.
As we navigate our own path towards enlightenment, we embark on Noah’s transformational journey witnessing his triumphant rebirth into the upgraded version of himself, becoming the revelation of his higher purpose. 
Noah’s gripping story of death, transformation and rebirth brings us hope, shedding light on what it feels like to transcend the physical being and become the truth of what we really are — a spiritual being.
205 printed pages
Original publication



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