John Harris

The Weird World of Wes Beattie

A disreputable lawyer is out to prove his lying client is no killer in this classic Canadian mystery: “Very exciting and full of excellent comedy" (P.G. Wodehouse).
A timid young man from a quiet Toronto suburb, no one would pay much attention to Wes Beattie if it wasn’t for his tendency to lie. And now the whole world is watching Wes, because he’s finally gone too far. His uncle has been bludgeoned to death, and the weapon is covered in his fingerprints. But even as he goes on trial for murder, facing undeniable evidence against him, Wes still swears up and down he didn’t do it.
Wes's wild explanations about a frame-up, a villainous gang, and a mysterious sexpot only enrage his already mortified family. But Sidney “Gargoyle” Grant, a disreputable young lawyer, sees no reason to rush to condemnation, and resolves to untangle the truth.
241 printed pages
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