TBD,Bradley Bagwell

The Hunter

The Hunter — Germany is a story about the possibility that Nazi Germany actually developed atomic bombs during World War II, but never got to use them. Instead, they were stored in underground caverns, waiting to be used, or found 70 years later. It also looks at the possibility that at least one nuclear bomb was tested in Argentina, which would explain why so many German U-Boats were seen in Argentina near the end of the war. Was it to take high-ranking Nazi’s there or to bring the nuclear bombs back to Germany, or both. The Hunter and his team search, starts in Nuremberg and Furth, then moves to Munich and other parts of Germany until they are convinced that all the atomic bombs the Nazi’s brought to Germany have been found. Once again, the author mixes actual places he’s been with the fictional story, hoping to give the reader a chance to experience different places around the world.
82 printed pages
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