Richard Gartee

Ragtime Dudes Meet a Paris Flapper

Ragtime is old hat, World War I is over, and the Roaring Twenties are underway.
Cherie, an American flapper living it up in Paris, never intends to go back to her tiny hometown, Taos, New Mexico. But while visiting her sister in New York, a telegram brings word that an old friend, Morgan, is dying. Ragtime dudes Morgan and Jack, and wife Abigail, helped the sisters when their mother died. Now it's time to repay the favor.
They arrive in Taos to find Abigail overwhelmed, Jack's in denial about Morgan's fate, and Abigail's son, Cyrus, is suffering from shell-shock-just like veterans Cherie's seen in Paris. Touched by his plight, Cherie nurtures him. It's not long before they fall in love. Abigail fears that once Cherie returns to Paris, Cyrus will be worse off than before. Cherie misunderstands and thinks mother hen wants her out of the picture.
When Bryce, another friend from the days of ragtime, arrives, Morgan experiences a brief rally and asks to be driven to a place in the Taos Mountains he's always found spiritual. On the mountaintop, the Parisian flapper, the ragtime dudes, and their strange, extended family find themselves at the threshold of a thin place in this charming sequel.
255 printed pages
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