Don Trimble

Eviction Notice

Eviction Notice: A New World Order is the Sequel to Hybris, and is a story in which North Americans have been given an Eviction Notice to vacate the continent. They have roughly 120 days to leave North America. Where do 528 million people go? Who will take them in? What money is acceptable? What belongings do they take? Who has given them this ultimatum? Who has the power to do this? Are aliens behind this? Or is this some elaborate hoax?

T. Hill Mansfield and his wife and fellow archaeologist, Renée, are placed into this dilemma. No one knows who has given the Eviction Notice, but North Americans soon learn that this is not a hoax or some deranged hacker playing a joke. This is real and 528 million people must fight for their lives, find a way to get off North America, and somehow find a country that will take them in.

They must survive.

Eviction Notice is a story of survival and death. It's the story of T. and Renée's intense struggle to save themselves and seven others.
340 printed pages


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