Keep Learning to Keep Leading, Maxwell John
Maxwell John

Keep Learning to Keep Leading

Smart leaders learn from their own mistakes. Smarter ones learn from others’ mistakes—and successes.
John C. Maxwell wants to help you become the smartest leader you can be by sharing Chapter Chapter 14, Keep Learning To Keep Leading, of Leadership Gold with you. After nearly forty years of leading, Maxwell has mined the gold so you don’t have to. Each chapter contains detailed application exercises and a “Mentoring Moment” for leaders who desire to mentor others using the book.
Gaining leadership insight is a lot like mining for gold. You don’t set out to look for the dirt. You look for the nuggets. You’ll find them here.
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Antony Mwangi
Antony Mwangishared an impression2 years ago
💡Learnt A Lot



Mila Tarasova
Mila Tarasovahas quoted2 months ago
If you want to lead, you have to learn. If you want to continueto lead, you must continueto learn. This will guarantee that you will be hungry for ever greater accomplishments. And it will help you to maintain credibility with your followers.
Antony Mwangi
Antony Mwangihas quoted2 years ago
I know that people don’t reach their potential on accident.
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