Sedley Proctor,Tony Henderson,MT Sands

Carte Blanche

How will Kateryna woo Shevshenko? Will the Count elude confession on his death bed? Can a true Scot really appreciate a holiday in the Med? How will you grow old? Gracefully or with a bottle in your hands? Are you a Naughty Girl or Nice Girl? Have you ever encountered your double? Can you read the cards, or do you stick to the runes?

Carte Blanche is a collection of naughty short stories, a series of sly vignettes and comic tableaux, compiled and curated by best of friends, Maude and Mabel. — Why not become a member of the lazy book club, and get your news from nowhere ( Carte Blanche is the indulgent companion for idle days by the pool, the longeurs of the airport lounge and the post-industrial metro of the modern world.— M T Sands
104 printed pages
Original publication



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