DINOTHAW, Rose Elizabeth Siva
Rose Elizabeth Siva


Josh travels to Antarctica with his father, Steve, to attempt to retrieve dinosaur bones recently discovered in a melting glacial cave. His previous experience exploring outback Queensland with his Grandfather on a hunt for dinosaur bones, and his involvement with a dinosaur dig in South Australia, convinces the scientific team leader he would be a useful addition to the team. Besides which Steve’s skills are very much needed to ensure the expedition is a success, and he refuses to go without his son.
Landing on the Antarctic ice in a small aeroplane is just the start of the adventure. The pressure is on to retrieve the bones as the weather closes in, and an accident on the ice almost spells disaster for the team.
However, with the help of a Russian helicopter pilot they manage what seems to be impossible and load the bones onto a supply vessel, only to get trapped in a sea of ice. Will they be successful?

58 printed pages
Original publication
Rose Siva



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