B. Love

No Love in His Heart 2

In the preface of “No Love in his Heart” seeds of love bloomed. In part one, those seeds became flowers that were nurtured. In part two, those flowers… may wilt.

For Messiah and Blue, it seems as if they can never catch a break. When Messiah finally decides to permanently and legally tie his life to Blue, his life is put on the line. Will he be found and saved, or will the future he had in store for Blue die right along with him?

For Indie and Kiylee, the past has a way of constantly resurfacing in their present, threatening their future. A lack of communication between these two leads Kiylee into the arms of another man. Will she come to her senses in time, or will Indie end their relationship before it can truly begin?

For Alante and Tamara, their ten-year toxic marriage has turned them both into people they don’t even recognize. When Tamara asks for a divorce, Alante agrees, surprising everyone that knows him. Attorney Rockmore has made it his mission to help Tamara with her divorce proceedings, and her heart if she will allow him. There’s just one problem — Alante’s medication turns him into the man Tamara has always wanted him to be. Will she continue on with the divorce, or give love with her husband a second chance?
165 printed pages
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