Exultation: Erotic Tales of Divine Union, Jacqueline Sa
Jacqueline Sa

Exultation: Erotic Tales of Divine Union

Three times award winner as visionary fiction and fiction erotica, this book invites humanity to align our sexual energies with the Superconsciousness of Earth sentience-our World Soul-in her rapturous dance with the potency of our Sun and the galactic life force that boundlessly manifests. The ecstatic sensuality of multi-dimensional encounters through these quantum tales of rhapsody awakens us back to the unified field of oneness with Source.

“Jacqueline Sa writes stories that transcend the human-created dichotomy between the physical and the spiritual, the sensual and the Divine. The stories take the erotic and bring it back to its ultimate, spiritual home, resulting in tales that will make you think about the very nature of reality and sex, while allowing your heart to soar beyond eroticism to explosions of passionate enlightenment.”
-Donald Michael Kraig, Author of Modern Sex Magick
166 printed pages
Original publication
Roots Legends


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