The Agency: Part Three: A Box Set, Elizabeth Lapthorne
Elizabeth Lapthorne

The Agency: Part Three: A Box Set

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The Agency series: Part Three — a box set

8 — Icy Control Rob and Sally need to uncover an ancient secret. But he’s losing control—and loving it.

9 — Heart Shot Emily is a cautious assassin. While researching a target as a favor for a friend it all goes wrong, and she bumps into Finlay Mann—an Agent. A deep conspiracy has them only able to trust each other and risk their most venerable targets—their hearts.

10 — Knight Takes Queen Peter is at a loose end. Bored, he drops in to tease fellow Agent Jane Harvey only to find her fighting off a technical hacking attempt. Drawn into a decade-long conspiracy, both Peter and Jane need to dig deep and rely on each other to save the Agency.

The Agency is the place to turn to with your unusual problems, when only the best will do. Not your usual suspects, these men and women always go above and beyond the call of duty. Prepared to take whatever actions needed to resolve your needs, The Agency is the place to turn with your most intimate problems.

A back channel offshoot of the more common British Government channels, The Agency was formed like so many of its kind to solve the seemingly hopeless problems more conventional methods can't fix. Only taking the best and the brightest, these men and women are devoted—though often in their own manner—to helping those in need and protecting our country. If you know enough to be able to contact them, chances are good they will be the solution to fit any of your problems.
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