Adam Randle

Cajun Recipes: The Ultimate Collection

Cajun cuisine is a form of cooking that originated in Louisiana, USA. Cajun cuisine is a mix of French, Canadian, African and Native American influences.

A Cajun meal is usually cooked in three different pots. One pot is used for the rice or cornbread, another is used for vegetables and the third is used for the main dish. Onions, celery and bell-peppers are basic ingredients in Cajun cuisine. The seasonings used are mainly cayenne pepper, parsley, bay leaf and scallions.

Cajun cuisine is a simple form of cooking. It does not involve exotic or expensive ingredients and is simple and brown in appearance. The food was originally born out of necessity and has stuck to its original form for decades.

“Cajun Recipes: The Ultimate Collection” gives you step by step instructions for making over 140 Cajun foods. With the book, you can enjoy the excitement of making different types of Cajun foods for your family gathering or formal party for your friends.
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