Hector Luis Bonilla

The Lost Planet of Enki

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This book penetrates the ancient UFO evidence that has successfully been collected and tied to the Sumerian tablets of Mesopotamia and the ancestral bloodline of Jesus Christ. The author believes that modern unidentified flying objects, the story of creation of the Book of Genesis, the life of Jesus, and the ancient off-earth aliens of time gone are not only related but that they must be the same phenomenon. Namely, the same quasi-eternal space humans interacting with Earth during different periods of its history.

The hypothesis of a real-life galactic empire, realistically dressed with the idea of ‘a Force’ and dominating this region of the Milky Way is introduced. The humans of Earth are in for a real shock when it becomes clear that we might eventually become members of a rebel alliance. Four galactic human species are recognized from Earth’s own records!

You are about to uncover the author’s 37-year research on the obscure origin, the current psychological condition, and the expected detrimental destiny of the humans of Earth.

But there is a dark side: If this book’s recommendations are largely ignored, the author predicts World War III by the year 2107. The Lost Planet of Enki derives from Bonilla’s Chronicles of Moon Earth, a special collection of alternative non-fiction titles dealing with the ancient Anunnaki (as never before portraited), Earth’s geo-biological evolution, and the author’s relentless attacks on the dangers of religious separatism.

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