Capsule Stories

Capsule Stories Autumn 2020 Edition

Featuring autumnal poems and prose by emerging and established writers, Capsule Stories Autumn 2020 Edition explores the theme Burning Up. Read about revealing a burning secret deep inside you, a ghost rising from the ashes, falling in love in the heat of the moment. Read about trauma, heartaches, and grief and letting it all burn into ashes. In this 180-page literary magazine, you'll find the words you need to comfort and warm you, to spark a new flame in you during this autumn season.

Burning Up

Your eyes are locked onto the flames as they flicker, their mesmerizing dance holding your attention, making you remember. Fire can remind us of what we have lost. But fire can also help us forget as we burn our memories into ashes. A memory of falling in love in the heat of the moment. Of a handprint seared onto your thigh. Of childhood trauma, of heartaches, of grief. The wind blows thick smoke your way, choking you. Embers spiral into the sky, and you watch, entranced. You remember the things that should have never been burned, of a fire that you have kept inside yourself all this time, afraid to show others, afraid of how it defines you.

The world burns around you, and sometimes it feels like you are burning too. But it is comforting, almost, knowing that all your shame, your mistakes, your accomplishments, they will all burn into ashes. You can let go.
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