Daniel Stacy Barron


“All of the so-called spiritual paradigm shifts offered to us thus far have only been horizontal reshufflings of the old religions, ancient animistic orientations, or outworn eastern transcendental world-views. To qualify as a true paradigm shift, there must be a profound vertical re-orientation of everything we have ever been taught about Love, God, soul, transcendence, and what it means to be both personal and spiritual beings simultaneously. This means because no eastern, western, traditional or modern teaching has ever taught, much less shown us how to embody our personal and emotively mature human aspects and our spiritual essence at the same time, any association with old traditions in the present day will be based in existential levels of unconscious fear. In that context, the premises and practices of old paradigmatic teachings are just toxic addictions of the heart that medicate those fears.

In these ways, past and current forms of christianity and buddhism have always only been utilized by the collectivistic immature consciousnesses of followers who over the centuries have never been able to unite the heart, mind, and spirit into one healthy gestalt. To disassemble what should have always been called Paulianity, not christianity, GNOSPEL is offered as a truer basis of what Yeshua was trying to say, as radical a departure from current forms of false christianity as Yeshua’s original message was to Judaism. And in the context of the esoteric lore that believed that Yeshua and Gotama were the same soul in different reincarnations, GNOSPEL offers a paradigmatic congruence of two of our most pervasive spiritual orientations that changes both in unexpectedly profound ways …and with that, an offering of a radical new ground to create a new form of authentic transmutation of human consciousness.

So if you have ever been alienated by christianity because of a deep and abiding sense of its fundamental distortions, contradictions, or corruptions, and have a deeper curiosity about the true teachings of Yeshua, you are invited to consider this work. It is finally time for over two millennia of outright lies, malicious mischief, and fear-based misinformation about his nature and his teaching to be finally cleared and cleansed.”
~ ds barron
74 printed pages
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