George M.Papa

The Two Gifts of Jesus Christ

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God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost, Satan, earth, sin, Christ’s death, resurrection and Atonement for sin — through repentance and forgiveness — plus paradise and heaven are all explained.   Christ’s first gift is automatic resurrection from the dead for all mankind.  Christ’s second but not automatic gift is that only by obedience to Christ’s commandments, all who are worthy shall return to God and become gods also.
This temporary earth life is only a tiny portion of the grand Plan of Eternal Progression for all mankind.   After God progressed from his mortality to become God then He and His likewise eternal and exalted wife were able to create myriads of spirit offspring in their likeness and image, which are you and I and everyone else who will ever live upon this earth.  We are all the children of God, and as such, we are presently in our own mortality. By being obedient, every person can likewise progress to return to our heavenly parents, and be deified as they are, just like any child is naturally loved and encouraged to advance into the society of their parents.
None of this is automatic.  It requires faith, repentance, true baptism by one with authority to perform that baptism, then the guidance of the Holy Ghost thereafter.
This book gleans these facts from over 2,000 pages of scripture, including but not limited to the Old and the New Testament.   Jesus was the first spirit born in the pre-existence to God and to our lovely Heavenly Mother. Jesus was also the most intelligent and the most loyal unto God.   Satan opposed Jesus and deceived many as stated in the 12th Chapter of Revelation.However, God gave His power to Christ to form this earth to be the proving ground for all mankind, according to free agency.
Jesus was also chosen to be the One to call and to direct all the prophets, such as Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, etc., to teach the true commandments of exaltation unto all people.  Jesus was also called of God to be sacrificed upon the cross and be resurrected three days later, in order to Atone for all the sins of those who would have faith, repent and be properly baptized by one with Christ’s true authority.  This was done so Christ could then be the Advocate to God the Father, for those who would officially follow Christ and be active in His Church on this earth.
This book details Christ’s life and His Plan of Exaltation for all mankind.  Very few realize the full magnitude of His divinity and power on this earth — and beyond mortal death — which power far exceeds all other forces on this planet.  Few also realize that the 1,000 year Millennium and final judgment after that is imminent, as further proclaimed in the Apostle John’s 20th Chapter of Revelation.
Reading this book will prepare, strengthen and enrich every individual, marriage and family.  Moreover, this new-style and advanced easy to read text is presented in a modified feature-film format, which includes over 100 grandmaster paintings.
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