F.J. Curlew

Don't Get Involved

Ukraine 2001, a time of lawlessness and corruption.
Dima, Alyona and Sasha, three street-kids with nothing but each other, stumble on a holdall full of cocaine belonging to the Mafia. This could be it. A way out.

Leonid, a Mafia hit man who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, is sent to retrieve the cocaine and dispose of the children. They won't get far. Failure isn't an option.

Nadia, a naive expat is looking for a new beginning. She wasn't expecting this!

As their paths get tangled up in the biting cold of a ferocious winter in Kyiv all of them will need to find more strength and courage than they ever imagined they had if they are to survive.

When you have nothing left to call on, sometimes something magical happens.
288 printed pages
Original publication



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