Bev Rees,Calvert Estill,Christine Kaye,Craig Tucker,Eve Birch,Leigh Horne,Sally Brinkmann,Trish Rudder,Wanda R.Riggle

The Green Rolling Hills

Here’s a potpourri of original stories and poems from up-and-coming West Virginia writers, edited by well-known author Victor J. Banis. The anthology includes: “The Reckoning,” “Metamorphosis,” and “The Thief” by Bev Rees; “Rosie and Mac” by Sally Brinkmann; “Dear Ann Landers: Excerpts from a Novel in Progress,” by Craig Tucker; “AIDS Diaries—Francel,” “Day Lights, Night Lights,” and “Hob Knobbin’” by Eve Birch; “Pappy’s Angels,” “Big Easys,” and “A Wildwood Flounder” by Leigh Horne; “The Azalea Quartet: An Excerpt from a Novel in Progress” by Trish Rudder; “The Child Bride of Lester Cooley,” “The Shiny Black Car,” and “Love in a Lobster Pot” by Calvert Estill; “Harai” by Christine Kaye; and “Precious Child: A Memoir of Healing” by Wanda R. Riggle, and an “Introduction” by Victor J. Banis. Although the regional flavor comes through in every page of this book, many of the stories could be set in any milieu, and still be successful. Great writing—and great reading!
216 printed pages
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