The year was 1891. During the darkness of night, young Konstantin was born in Poland. What should have been a joyous occasion was instead overridden with fear of the Russian government and its occupancy of the area. It was a time of severe religious persecution and consequences to those who tried to hold onto their faith.
Growing up under the strict rules of the state church and the watchful eyes of the Russian soldiers, Konstantin began his dangerous search for the truth. His gripping journey took him to the deepest valleys of hatred and darkness to the mountain tops of peace and joy. It took him across oceans and through many countries Everywhere he went, lives were changed. Although at times his life was threatened, he remained undaunted.
The cycle kept repeating itself as he witnessed the persecution of the Jews and the cruelty of man. Yet his life was spared as he observed and experienced the mysterious works of the Lord time and again.
But there is more to this story, and here is where it changes gears. While the battle between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of man continues shaking the world, there is a warning to the churches and its people. Will you listen?
95 printed pages
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