The Incredible Reality of You

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This book is about Reality as it really is, not the way it appears through the senses or is understood by the mind. It is about awakening to the true reality of who and what you are beyond your mind and senses, beyond all labels and conditioning, beyond all concepts and beliefs, and beyond your wildest imaginations.
This Awakening does not happen through your mind, intellect or emotions. It happens within the innermost core of your being: to the sense of “I am, I exist”. It is the same sense of Being and existing you are experiencing now, only not entangled with your thoughts, sensations, emotions or perceptions. On its own level, beyond the mind, your real inner Self is unlocalized, unbounded and universal.
This book is written to that innermost universal sense of pure Being, not to your mind. It provides the knowledge of the states of Consciousness on the path to total Awakening. Awakening to the true, boundless reality of your inner self is called Self-Realization, and awakening to the true reality of the world and universe is called Enlightenment. This book is about Self-Realization and Enlightenment.
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