How to Preach with an Interpreter, Dennis E. Bills
Dennis E. Bills

How to Preach with an Interpreter

How to Preach with an Interpreter is a manual for short and long-term missionaries, interpreters, evangelists, pastors, professors, teachers, stateside ministers to internationals, and anyone else who wants to preach but does not know the language.
Every year, thousands of churches send preachers and laymen on trips around the world. Many will attempt the intimidating task of preaching with an interpreter, and few will do it well. Most will never even know their mistakes because they do not know the language. Based upon observations of hundreds of sermons and dozens of preachers and interpreters, this Crash Course simplifies a complex task by providing practical, realistic suggestions that will help preachers and interpreters succeed. It describes common problems, offers simple, easy-to-apply solutions, surveys types of interpreted ministries, and suggests ways to get the best results.
Churches, missionary agencies, international ministries, and seminaries should know that this little book fills a large void. As an original and unique contribution to the fields of missiology and homiletics, there is nothing else like it in print.
40 printed pages
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