A.B. Darling Little

Separation Anxiety

It has been such a long time since Sandy needed to do anything on her own. Her Guardian takes such good care of her, from making sure that she is cleaned up after getting herself dirty to ensuring that her more carnal needs are met as well.

It is, of course, only natural for her to grow attached. Then again, it's not really a problem, since he needs her just as much as she needs him and refuses to leave her side, even if that means bringing her to his place of work and satisfying all her needs in plain view of his colleagues.

She'll just have to get used to being watched.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

The doctor says this kind of codependency isn't healthy for him — for either of them, really. But she can't help herself. She feels happier when he's around and she doesn't want that happy feeling to go away. It's been such a long time since she's felt so safe and at peace with everything. He hears whispers about how he has been getting better too. His pack members would call and check up on him every few days and he'll keep her in his arms while updating them on all the new things they've been doing together.

It's a little bit embarrassing to have him talk about her like a proud parent, but it fills her with warmth every time too.

She doesn't know what happened to him before, but she knows it must have been serious or she wouldn't be put under his care at all in the first place. They don't assign werewolves with Adult Babies except under dire circumstances and they had steamrolled her application and then gotten through the training so quickly that she knows it's important.

She had been on a cocktail of drugs that got her feeling dizzy and sleepy in equal measures. She's pretty sure she slept through the first three days of training, and then the rest of the week is relatively simple too. All she needed to do is eat and sleep and subject herself to being treated like an infant by everyone who comes across her.

It's almost pleasant, being able to let go so completely and have someone else do everything for her. Who's she kidding. It's absolutely perfect. It's why she volunteered in the first place. After the government told her that she was well-matched for the program, of course. There's already a part of her that will be a good fit as a Little and they found that out very early on and were just waiting for her to reach the appropriate age.

One week after she signed up for the program, she's dumped into the hands of a man who is more wolf than man. They had been worried about her being torn apart at first, judging by the number of ammunition everyone had been carrying and were very prepared to deploy at the slightest indication of violence.

Thankfully, it wasn't necessary. He had taken one look — one sniff — of her, and grabbed her, yanking her into his arms, holding her a little uncomfortably with his fingers digging into her chest and hugging her so tightly against him that she feels as though her bones are being crushed. And then, just as harshly as he grabbed her, he loosens his hold, like he knows that he needs to handle her more carefully.

He brought her inside, slamming the door so hard the walls shook. It's frightening, really, how quickly everyone had departed after that, like she's no longer their problem.

A part of her remembers enough from orientation week that she knows she's not in any danger. The only dangerous part of the entire process was at the very beginning, where there is the possibility of rejection. Once he's decided to take her into his home— into his territory, she'll be completely safe from everything and everyone, even himself.

It's a last-ditch effort in hopes of getting him to return to be a contributing member of society. Or, to be more specific, she is their last-ditch effort to entice him into being human again. There are tabloids and newspaper articles alike with his face on top, one of the most powerful and successful business tycoons of the century— lost because of a traumatic event.
54 printed pages
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