Vancouver And British Columbia, Christabel Mattox
Christabel Mattox

Vancouver And British Columbia

137 printed pages
Vancouver and British Columbia has become the hottest tourist destination in the 21st century. At first, the city looks grand with manicured lawns, lush gardens, and houses. Despite this serene beauty, the city of Vancouver charms people from all over the world to come and see its beauty.  From its rocky islands to its grandeur parks, its huge bodies of water, and a large expanse of land, the city of British Columbia is more than just a tourist destination. The city of Vancouver is blessed with abundant sight to explore. Every tourist or visitor can find something he likes in British Columbia. Either watching the migrating whales, kayaking, hiking, sailing, skiing, and yacht-racing or many outdoor activities of a different sort.  If that does not satisfy you, the parks in Vancouver are laced with a serenity that will make you want to love the city. Still, if you are longing for more, then the arts, culture, and festivals hosted by the city of Vancouver will be an addition to your tourist satisfaction.

Vancouver travel has become the most popular itinerary today. Though city like Dubai attracts people from all over the world for its delicately luxurious shopping, Vancouver does that in a different way. It has for the past twenty years maintained a culture that allows every foreigner to feel at home away from home.  British Columbia is the cream of Canada’s tourism. With varying weather flexibility that makes it possible for tourists to visit  Vancouver at any time of the year, the city of British Columbia embraces all people from different parts of the world.

This travel guide has been written to be your best companion when travelling to British Columbia. It will guide you in accessing the different rocking mountains that surround the city, and its large islands that promise to keep your experience in the city of Vancouver fulfilling.

In Vancouver and British Columbia, Tourists can:

*Explore the arts, culture, and festivals of the people

*Have the best hiking Experience ever

*Enjoy the different luxurious gardens that abound in the city

* Visit top attraction places

In this book:

*It is your travel guide to enjoying the many parts of Vancouver

*Know how to have access to some of the free things in Vancouver

*What your kids can do in Vancouver

*The best trip to take around the city and through what means

*Familiarize yourself with the city of British Columbia before ever taking your flight

*Know your travel Itinerary

*How long can you stay in Vancouver?

* What you must have on your phone before you travel to British Columbia

Come along with me as you explore the rich tourist magnet of Canada, Vancouver with all its sight-seeing potentials all packaged in this great book about Vancouver and British Columbia.

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