Michael Lorimer

The Nudge Files

Death is an eventuality for all of us. Perhaps it is just a transition from this life to the next one. True, the event of death can be difficult and great suffering can occur, but does it have to? Wouldn't God create a being who helps the dying to ease into their next life? History has pictured DEATH in a most terrifying way, dressed in black with a black hood over his skeletal face, carrying a wicked scythe to harvest the dead. Instead of that horrifying image, suppose he is a being of light, filled with compassion and love, wearing an expensive suit and driving a fancy car. The New Grim Reaper. The Nudge Files is the story of a man and the strange demigod who mentors him about life, death and beyond.

This is a story about the being called DEATH, aka Mr. D, who is nearly all powerful, loving in his job and very curious about the strange beings known as humans. After witnessing the death of a young woman and the compassion of one Jeff Collins, who comforted her during her death throes, Mr. D befriends the man and offers him a job.

Come and witness the strange and often crazy adventures of Mr. D and Jeff Collins.

*Read about Jeff Collins as he investigates a mysterious intruder who is terrorizing an aging movie star.

*See Jeff train in self-defense to confront a serial killer and save a woman's life.

*Blast off in a rickety space ship to the Large Magellanic Cloud to witness a supernova, up close and personal, in the “good seats,” to comfort an entire civilization who will be wiped out by the blast.

*Witness the greatest comedian in the world, who is tired of life and wants to die. Discover the plan to save him.

*Travel back in time to the US Civil War and be with Jeff on a mission to save one man who is crucial to the future of mankind.

*And enjoy more adventures of Jeff Collins and Mr. D as they work to nudge the Universe back toward balance.
444 printed pages


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