Jessiqua Wittman

A Memoir of Hope

Memoirs of Life: Book 3 ~ A Memoir of Hope
Alone and trapped in a prison camp, Hope now bears responsibilities too great for her. As she crumbles, darkness springs in the form of her commanding officer.
Marna is now a compromised country. Her leader is under the power of a foreign foe. Her people suffer under the boot of heavy-handed taskmasters. The third generation of Memoir of Life characters are seeing harder times than ever before. Hope is one of many women attempting to pave a way for her family through the sludge, sometimes by honorable methods, sometimes by the unthinkable.
The Memoirs of Life series contains the following books by Jessiqua Wittman:
Book One ~ A Memoir of Love
Book Two ~ A Memoir of Mercy
Book Three ~ A Memoir of Hope
Book Four ~ A Memoir of Patience
1,610 printed pages
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