Rebecca Merry Murdock

Rocco's Wings: Tales of Terrakesh, Book 1

Middle Grade Fantasy Fiction. Rocco is the only villager with wings. His wings are blue, and at night also bioluminescent (glowing). He is captured by the beautiful but cruel urvogels (winged human-like creatures) who live on the cliffs of Upper Terrakesh. He witnesses the horrid punishment of urvogels getting their wings cut off — punishment for so-called 'vanity crimes.' Urvogels live by flock principles — priave reading and music making are forbidden. Rocco's new friends, Basalt, Magma, Vesta and Iggy are facing trial. If convicted they will lose their wings. Rocco must decide if he should help them or escape on his own.

A fast moving tale of adventure, ROCCO'S WINGS, is the debut novel of Canadian lawyer Rebecca Murdock.
285 printed pages
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