Sean M Redenbaugh

Sunlight Parted

Seth wakes naked on a dark and supernatural beach.  With no memory of how he arrived and nothing in sight except for an ominous looking beach house, he fights his fears and enters in search of answers.  Inside, he encounters an object that sends him on an unknown, yet wonderful, glimpse of what may or may not be his future.  Here he meets and falls in Love with a girl named Sovannah.  After spending the day with her, Seth once again wakes on the dark beach, filled with more questions and growing confusion.

He enters the ever-changing beach house again and again, each time in search of more answers and more glimpses of Sovannah, unknowing what might trigger one, or where or when in his future he might arrive.  Each time, he is reluctantly pulled back to the dark beach, only to wake again in front of the mysterious beach house.  Struggling to grasp the meaning of this strange new world, and fighting his increasing anger and lack of answers, Seth is desperate to learn the meaning of his situation, and trying to piece together his life with with Sovannah that is perpetually pulled away from him by some unseen force… before he runs out of time.
207 printed pages
Original publication


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