Anthony Moss

Harry Truman


This book covers the topic of Harry Truman, one of the most influential US Presidents in history. Truman was sworn in as the 33rd President of the United States, during the middle of World War II. This meant that every decision the new President made would be watched closely by all; and have an immense impact on the future of not only the United States, but also Europe, Asia, and the Soviet Union.
As you will soon discover, Harry S. Truman was not your typical President. He was rough around the edges and was bold in his decisions and actions. Ultimately, he was faced with making some very tough decisions during a very trying time in history. His actions, while met with a lot of controversy, were instrumental in ending World War II, preventing a war with the Soviet Union, and establishing the United Nations. 
This book documents President Truman’s life from start to finish. You will learn of his childhood, early career, and how he became the President of the United States. Further, you will learn about his political beliefs, and the impact he had on shaping the world as we know it today. 
At the completion of this book you will have a good understanding of Harry Truman and his eventful life. 

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn About Inside…

Who Was Harry Truman
Truman's Early Life
Truman's Early Political Career
Domestic & Foreign Affairs
Truman's Time As President
Life After The Presidency
The Impact & Legacy Of Harry Truman
Much, Much More!
63 printed pages
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