Josette Murray

To Be Loved

A dead body, women and kids in peril, treachery at every turn―no problem for the close-knit sexagenarian friends of the Silver Series, Dory, Robby, Jill and Charlene!

When a calm evening walk leads Dory to suspect bad news is happening right next door in her placid neighborhood, and when a waif comes under Jill’s wing, routine life takes a vacation. And when a corpse points toward a suspect who’s far from virginal in character, and seems to link to the waif and the bad news, well! All bets are off. The women rally to defeat evil and correct injustice, helped with a generous serving of karma from a very unexpected source.

Along the way, they work with and for the police, sometimes in―ah, unorthodox―ways. But what are a few more gray hairs to law enforcement when the cause of justice is advanced? They encounter smugglers in the devil’s oldest crime, street-smart kids wiser than their years, maids in distress, and unlikely allies in Skid Row. But the persistent four also marshal the vengeance of the angels, through their own interference―ah, intercession―and that of their beloved friends. Along the way, the power of love in its many forms to overcome evil becomes apparent.

Enjoy the ride with your favorite four as they set the world right yet again!
319 printed pages
Original publication



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