Deliciously Blue Limericks, Daniel Blue
Daniel Blue

Deliciously Blue Limericks

To be good limericks need to be a little bad. Bad as in a little bit naughty. Absurd, irreverent and filthy, these limericks are definitely for Adults Only as they cover straight, gay, bisexual and transsexual topics.

This collection includes both limerick poems of three or more verses and short stand-alone limericks.

Sometimes a little bit of naughty filth is just what you need. Step inside to indulge your wicked sense of humour. These are two of the cleaner limericks in the book:

Having married into a rich family Jenny thought her days were made
Only to discover that she was still expected to cook, clean and get laid
I’ll have none of that she said
As she leapt up from his bed
Round the front I’m well used but round the back I’m still a maid

Mick was a builder who always showed his crack
It was a badge of honour; not to do so would lack
Appropriate code
So he always showed
The furry path down to his musky one-eyed jack
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