Deke Rivers


A well-to-do young Englishman, an Agent for the Newly formed MI6, prepares himself in the ways of the American Wild West, for his dangerous Assignment in the lawless Wild West. In the process, now in the Wild West, he becomes “ Lobo, The Coyote Kid “, “ The Fastest Gun Alive “, to apprehend an English Criminal, who had stolen a large sum of Money from the British Government. The Assignment was to apprehend the Criminal and Bring him to Justice, and also to retrieve the Stolen Funds. With the help of a local US Marshall and his Deputies, they Capture the Villain, and his Outlaw Gang, bringing them to Justice, and in the Process retrieving the Stolen Money. Leaving the Wild West behind, having achieved and full filled his Assignment, he Returns Back to England to his faithful Girlfriend, His Own Family and Civilization.
222 printed pages
Original publication

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