Wolf – Young Adolf Hitler, Karen Klami
Karen Klami

Wolf – Young Adolf Hitler

96 printed pages
So much has been written about Adolf Hitler touching on the subject with a serious or comic tone.  There is a great fascination with his unprecedented rise to such great heights and personal power.  In an attempt to trace a logical path, a few have delved into his younger years, exploring the life of the abused child, the rejected artist, and later, when he was homeless, helpless and hopeless.  But few have looked closely into see what may be the key events which catapulted him into his notorious place in history.
This full-length play takes a new look at specific events in young Adolf Hitler’s time in Vienna, when certain core circumstances transformed this forsaken, lone wolf.  Seen through the eyes of a man who helped him during this time, we follow a paranoid, delusional, and yet, inwardly-driven Hitler.  He is a damaged and abandoned youth, left to his own inner tortures, but with the help of this compassionate friend, we see another more promising side of the young man.  When faced with a series of unprecedented encounters with mysterious persons, which both disgust and attract him, he is challenged to decide his own fate.  Travel through an intricate maze of the unexpected to discover what really influenced the young Hitler to become the Aryan Fϋhrer.
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